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Yes, You Can Design Your Own Circuits

Design Your Own Circuits

This is the next project on my agenda. Emails that I receive have shown me that many readers want to modify circuits that they find online, but aren’t sure how to do it. All of the sources that exist (including my own books) just give examples of circuits for readers to reproduce. Being a maker should entail as much creativity as possible, so why not explain how to create circuits from the ground up?

I’m mostly self-educated, so I had to teach myself the design process. This was difficult for me, but it doesn’t have to be difficult for other people, if a book can provide some help. I’m hoping that this will be that book.

It has been listed by sellers, but won’t be available until part-way through 2018.

If you’re wondering if the book will contain the breadboard template shown on the cover, the answer is yes. I’m hoping that people will scan it and print copies. It makes the breadboard layout process much easier.

Samples from Easy Electronics

Page samples from Easy Electronics

Here are some pages from my most recent book, Easy Electronics, which will be published before the end of November, 2017. These samples give you an idea of the very different approach that I have used, with 3D renderings and bite-sized portions of text. Reducing the text to an absolute minimum, and letting the pictures do most of the explaining, was a valuable exercise.

While Easy Electronics does not go into a lot of depth, I think it is the quickest, simplest, least expensive way for people to find out if they want to learn more.

You don’t need any tools to build the projects in this book. That’s right—no tools at all! (If you need to trim a wire, nail clippers will work just fine.)

I had a lot of fun writing this, and I think you'll have fun reading it.